Best egg tarts on Hong Kong island: Cheung Hing Coffee Shop

The egg tart is one of Hong Kong's most quintessential snacks with its silky smooth egg custard centre and golden, flaky crust. Now, you've probably heard of (or tried) Tai Cheong's famous egg tarts with their savoury-sweet cookie crust, but if you're after a more traditional recipe with a multi-layered flaky and buttery crust, one of the best places to find them on Hong Kong island is at Cheung Hing Coffee Shop in Happy Valley.

egg tart cheung hing coffee shop


Come early, because these egg tarts sell out fast and are even pre-ordered by the dozen by the shop's regular customers. Even if you see rows of the golden tarts in the shop itself, they're probably already reserved, as the staff will unapologetically tell you when you place your order.

But if you're lucky and happen to get the chance to try these egg tarts, you'll find that they are exactly how a perfect egg tart should be: hot, sweet (but not too sweet), with a delicate yet flaky crust that isn't too oily to the touch.

The custard is baked to perfection so that it's semi-solid but retains that soft centre, but doesn't break or spill out. Alternate each bite of egg tart with a sip of sweetened Hong Kong milk tea for tea time perfection.

laksa noodles scrambled egg toast cheung hing coffee shop hong kong

While you're there, why not try some of the other cha chaan teng fare at Cheung Hing Coffee Shop, like their bolobao (pineapple bun) sandwiches with egg, cheese, spam, etc. or their laksa instant noodles with an assortment of fishballs.

pineapple bun cheung hing coffee shop hong kong

We're a fan of their simple scrambled egg sandwiches too. Enjoy!

Cheung Hing Coffee Shop, 9 Yik Yam St, Happy Valley, +852 2572 5097


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